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920 Justison Street

Dravo Plaza on the Riverfront

Wilmington, DE 19801

302 737 4343

EEC Anchor Tenant & Mentorship Partner

The Emerging Enterprise Center Incubator program is co-located with the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce and offers 5,300 sq ft of available space for early stage companies, together with on-site support that includes amenities, business training, mentoring and networking opportunities to help start-ups grow and succeed.


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"Being a part of a small business incubator has helped Info Solutions avoid the pitfalls and address the challenges that many small businesses face. It has helped us grow from a small home office to a mature company."

          -- Mark Olazagasti, Incubator Graduate

An ideal, low-cost option for the solopreneur, for someone who needs a satellite location on the Wilmington Riverfront to meet clients, or for anyone who needs one-on-one assistance with their business idea.

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"The main attraction for the EEC was their mentor program. It takes a village to make a company and the EEC provides that village. There is a huge amount of support, whether it's through the business education workshops, or meeting with the Program Manager on a quarterly basis, as well as the mentor they assign you. It's just been priceless!"

          -- Brooke Miles, Incubator Graduate

As your business continues to grow, take advantage of our low-cost office space with amenities, network, business connectivity and continued mentoring.

Contact us at 302-737-4343 or for additional information.

business accelerator

When you're ready to launch, or take your business to the next level, why not have the Riverfront become your place of business? This program offers business amenities, support services, as well as one-on-one mentoring that you need to help you accelerate your business growth at minimal cost.


​"When I started with the EEC, I had a business plan but I didn't know how to execute that business plan. One of the things that the EEC helped me concentrate on was to find the resources out there necessary to implement that plan and grow a business."
          -- Matt Doyle, Incubator Graduate