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As businesses scale-up the CEO ThinkTank programs offers peer-to-peer support and a continued framework focused on People, Strategy, Execution and Cash to guide CEO's as they scale up to reach their next $10M in revenue.

Entrepreneurs quickly learn that running a successful enterprise is more than a great idea: it's the implementation of a solid, multi-faceted, sustainable action plan.  Our interactive workshops and seminars cover four key topic areas: Products & Customers, Sales & Marketing, Business Organization and Business Operations.  As businesses grow, we offer advanced programs that focus on continued, sustainable growth:  Innovation & New Product Development, Lean Processes and CEO ThinkTank - a specialized peer-to-peer to program that helps businesses reach their next $10M.  Check back often to check out classes and register early!

Led by the Emerging Enterprise Center, the Growth Wheel is a series of half day workshops that cover four key topic areas: Products & Customers, Sales & Marketing, Business Organization & Operations. These interactive workshops incorporate an action-based, decision-making toolkit that helps start up and growing companies get focused, set agendas, make decisions, and take appropriate action. Each workshop is complemented by our "Learn with the Experts" series of talks and seminars.

learn with the experts

Our "Learn with the Experts" series of talks and seminars are led by industry leaders, academic leaders, and subject matter experts.  They are designed to complement the Growth Wheel workshops with real world examples and experiences.

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the growth wheel

Specifically designed for larger businesses who are targeting optimized operations and next stage growth, our Advanced Business Growth classes focus on Lean Processes, Innovation & New Product Development, and Talent Management.

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