EEC Incubator Resident Program

The incubator program is a comprehensive approach that provides a combination of affordable office space and support resources and services located in the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce Building in Delaware.

Acknowledging the risk factors for start-ups, the EEC works to provide assistance needed to forge a clear path for success and sustainability.

Support resources and services include entrepreneurial education programs, networking opportunities, and professional counseling and mentoring. Participants have access to ‘friends of the incubator’ that are willing to donate their time and expertise to guide companies through challenging business situations.

The educational component of the program offers a curriculum that focuses on entrepreneurial issues, and allows clients to attend classes aimed at improving their skills and ability to manage their business successfully.

Other on-site support features access to meeting and conference facilities, phone and Internet connections, shared office equipment (copier, fax, and mail), receptionist during Chamber business hours, and free coffee all day!

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EEC Incubator Virtual Clients


The EEC Incubator Virtual Clients program of New Castle County, Delaware is an option for start-up companies not quite ready to take a physical office space, but that wish to participate in the incubator program.

Virtual clients have access to a shared office and receive all of the other benefits of the EEC Residents.

In exchange for a flat monthly fee, virtual clients receive:


• access to the conference facilities, shared office equipment and a “flex” office

• use of the physical address and a private mailbox

• participation in educational programs

• opportunities to network with Chamber members and others at numerous events

• assignment of a mentor and opportunities to meet with ‘friends of the incubator’

The nurturing environment of the EEC encourages a start-up business to focus on growing and developing business skills in order to create a sustainable business model that will improve their chance of success.


Pre-Incubation Program Details

The EEC Pre-Incubation Program is designed to help start-up businesses prepare for full participation in the EEC Resident Program. Participants in the Pre-Incubation Program will be required to focus primarily on:

  • Completing their Business Plan, including Financial and Marketing Plan
    •  Articulating their Business Model (How they are going to make money)
  • Setting up a basic accounting/recordkeeping system
  • Participation in a minimum of 3 Educational and 3 Networking Events at the Chamber.

Participants in the Pre-Incubation Program will be required to engage one of the resource partners (SCORE Delaware, Small Business Development Center (SBDC), Women’s Business Center) for assistance in developing their Business Plan, and to meet with them, at a minimum once/month.

EEC Program Manager will meet monthly (minimum), to review progress of Business Plan and Recordkeeping set-up.

Pre-Incubation Program will include the same support resources of EEC

  •  Access to the conference facilities, shared office equipment
  • Use of physical address (920 Justison Street) and a private mailbox
  • Receptionist during Chamber business hours
  • Access to EEC Kitchen w/refrigerator, coffeemaker, microwave oven, water cooler
  • Participation in educational programs and networking events
  • Small /flex office space will be provided with phone, internet connections.

Pre-Incubation Participants must have completed program requirements within 5 months, in order to present to the EEC Advisory Group for acceptance into Resident or Virtual Program by the end of the 6 month lease term.

  • Upon acceptance into the Resident Program, a mentor will be assigned
  • Balanced Scorecard reporting will commence

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